Back Yard Camping Parties

Get Outside and Go Camp

Our Pop-Up Camping Event Service brings the opportunity to have a camping experience to those that do not have the time or gear to set up a camping adventure. We have special planned cgetaways available throughout the season but you can contact us anytime time to discuss how we can set up a camp for you.

How It Works

  1. Tell us where you want to camp ( within the central, and north central part of Florida) If you don't know where to camp, check our list of camp grounds within our service area. 
  2. Let us know what you need. Our small tents will easily accomodate 2 persons.While our larger tents will handle 2 adults and 2 child with ease. We include either sleeping pads or mattresses with our service.Lanterns, firewood are included.( We offer a set-up Service as well Call for details. 
  3. Set a date. We offer our services year round . If you select a location that provides electricity, we can offer Heaters, Fans and other ammentities.
  4. Once we have nailed down all the details, we will provide you with an invoice so that you can review all the details of your camping adventure.

Think about these options:

  • Set up a camp-out in your backyard, Kids of all ages can enjoy a backyard campout. 
  • How about a "Themed" camp-out like Harry Potter, Lion King, or any other creative ways of having a backyard adventure. 
  • Camping and a movie. set-up a outside theater for movie and a camp-out night.
  • Want something a little more for adults? think about a romantic night with smores and a fireside drink.

Whether you are a child or an adult camping can be a great deal of fun. Whether it's in a park or in your backyard camping can leave you with a lot of great memories. 

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